Home Instructions


Landing Gear

Slide the carbon landing gear into the precut slot on the fuselage

Attach the M4 bolts into the pre-installed blind nuts to secure landing gear

Install the axle and wheel

Attach the wheel pants using 2 x M3 bolts

Gas Engine Firewall

Install the gas engine firewall. Note the hole is more to the right when looking from the front.

Apply epoxy and clamp the firewall in place

Reinforce firewall with triangular stock

Print out your engine mount template and align the lines on the template with the lines marked on the firewall

Drill the firewall mounting holes and install your engine.

View of engine with cowl installed.

Control Horns

Go thru all the film with your iron.

There are two types of ball links. One has an integrated pedestal (top ball link in pic) and the other has 2 spacers (bottom ball link). Use bottom ball link for horns and top ball link for servo.

Preassemble the control horns with ball link attached and scuff the surface of the legs.

Test fit and cut out the film for the control horn base

Apply epoxy on surface and the legs of the control horns

Install the horns (keep ball link on) and wipe excess epoxy away

Repeat steps for rudder

Repeat steps for ailerons


Apply some grease or vaseline to the hinge pins to prevent epoxy from binding the hinge

Apply some epoxy to the hinge mounting holes and some on the hinges

Slide the rudder in place. Make sure the hinge gap is equal throughout.

Tail Wheel

Straight forward tail wheel installation

"With the tail wheel assembled, tighten the grub screw on the wheel collar to make a mark on the axle. Use a grinding tool to make notches where the marks are

Servos & Finishing Touches

Mount all servos that are fixed eg. Rudder, Elevator, Aileron then move & position the remaining gears until the desired CG is achieved.

Rudder and elevator servos

Upper wing servo extension wire

Lower wing servo installation

Upper wing servo installation

Throttle servo mount

Throttle setup

Depending on your engine, you may have to cut the cowl to fit the muffler

Bottom ventilation holes

Installing baffling is always a good idea to keep the engine running cooler

Typical layout of gear


The CG is 130mm measured from the leading edge at the center of the top wing

Location of CG

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