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SegevDesign “ARTiculate”

Segev Design ARTiculate freestyle biplane is the brain child of three radio controlled pilots who joined forces to design and produce a model airplane never seen before.

With high performance in mind and with a very specific flight envelope to be met, Ido Segev, Yonatan Segev, and Frank Liu began working in partnership from across the globe to design and produce the next generation of freestyle RC model.

Former European Extreme Flight Championship winner and world renowned freestyle flyer, Ido Segev developed the planes design brief in which brother Yonatan, an experienced aeronautical engineer and avid RC pilot, was able to transform the vision into a design.

Ido’s vision was demanding with the aim for the ARTiculate to be a true “all around” Freestyle design. Practicing the next F3A manoeuvres while also being a platform to prepare for freestyle competition in a compact size, great look, and affordable price was the goal.

Every aspect of the ARTiculate design was based on performance and features very specific laminar flow aerofoil selection and high aspect wing design.

The final link came together when Frank Liu, owner of Winners Models and exceptionally talented 3D flyer, partnered with the Segev brothers to transform a striking new design into a working model. Frank was able to achieve production of the complex design with a fusion of composites and wood thanks to his skills in model plane manufacturing.

Frank was focused on building a quality built plane that would match the performance. Only the finest woods, lightweight composites and paint were used. The ARTiculate is hand built with laser cut parts, and assembled to a 90% completion stage by a small, experienced team of plane builders.

A striking colour scheme has been designed by Australian based RC model graphic design specialist Ray Younger. The scheme provides excellent orientation management whilst also adding to the ARTiculate’s striking lines.

The ARTiculate was designed and tested in a yearlong process using no less than five computer aided designs and three flying prototypes.
All this attention to detail has assured the ARTiculate biplane really performs exceptionally well in a wide range of flight attitudes, from fast and smooth pattern like manoeuvres, artistic figures often found in a 4 minute freestyle routine to hard core 3D low and slow just inches above the deck.


-- Wing span: 75in/1900mm
-- Length: 78in/1990mm
-- Weight: 5060g (Battery not included)

Equipment required:

--Motor: 3500W, 650-700g, brushless outrunner.
-- ESC: 100A HV
-- Servo: 50-70g, 13kg/cm or above, metal gear
-- Battery: 10S 4500-5000mah, 12S 3300-4500mah
-- Prop: 20x10E, 21x10E, 21x13E, 22x10E
-- Spinner: 3.5in/89MM (Spinner is not included in the kit)

-- Gas engine:  DA35/OS33GT/DLE35
-- Prop: 18x8, 18x10, 19x8,19x10, 20x8

Recommended E setup



XC10036HV V2

10s 4600mah


21x13 Falcon E



(one plug only,
for 7 servos)
Lipo for RX&servos

(1300mAh, 2S1P)

89mm Red or White